You might be wondering, what’s the right way to do dusting? Well, yes there is a certain way of going about dusting your surroundings to ensure that every nook and cranny is taken care of. Be it your home setting or office workspace, accumulation of dust on horizontal surfaces is a common sight. Even if you dusted just a day before, the dust is back again to haunt you. 
Well, you’re not alone in the agony. Dusting certainly does seem a very futile task but there is no reason we can let it go as it leads to allergies and respiratory problems. Hence, when you are tackling one of the most thankless and least rewarding of the household chores, try to make it as effective as possible. Consistent efforts to keep dust at bay will pay off in the long run as the lesser dust settles on your furniture because of the regular cleaning. Both domestic and commercial cleaning services are available to help you do your part in keeping your surroundings as dust free as possible. 

Dusting with the right tool 

One of the most common blunders that we come across is the fancy feather duster that people use to dust their surroundings. As fun as that maybe, it is definitely not an effective tool for the job because it does not really capture the dust, in fact, it just fluffs it around in the air. Result? The air just becomes dustier. 
To perfect your dusting regime, you can either opt for a microfiber duster or an electrostatic one, instead of those rainbow-colored fuzzy feather dusters. This ensures that dust, not only leaves the surface but the chances of redepositing are also minimized, validating your efforts in making your environment dust-free. 

The order matters 

Dusty weather can be nuisance and can make your house seem dusty 24/7. Even when you are making sure to use the right tools, there are times when dust just escapes your reach and you end up fighting it in some other corner of your house. 
One cleaning strategy to combat this problem, is to dust from top to bottom. Now what do we mean by that? Get down to cleaning the ceiling fans first, no matter how many around the house. Next, you can move on to the lower levels such as the bookshelves or the kitchen counter and then proceeding as per the furniture setting in your home or office. 
The entire purpose is to give dust around the house time to settle so that by the time you reach the lower levels of the house, you are able to finish of the look impeccably. Professional domestic cleaning service can help you with your house dusting needs for sure. A comprehensive range of cleaning services await you as you look for ways to prep your home for the coming season. Here are a few tips for summer cleaning. 

Doormats – trap the dust at the entrance only 

So where do you think most of the dust comes from? Home entrances where usually the footfall is higher experience high amounts of dust and grime that gets dragged into the house, creating a mess. Investing in welcome mats that are industrial made with strong rubber backing will not only save you the hassle of extensive dusting but also keep your house relatively dust-free in the long run. 

In, out and all about 

Make sure that you reach every corner of the house where you can expect dust to accumulate and be a nuisance for you. Show pieces, stationery holders, magazines or any other items atop the shelves or your office table need to picked up to ensure dust is gotten rid of from under them as well. Make sure to clean them too when placing them back in place. Dusting sessions should be finished off with an extensive vacuuming session to keep dust off the floors. 
If you feel that you do not have the time to do that, then domestic cleaning services are available in Birmingham and Wolverhampton to lend a helping hand and thoroughly attend to not only your dusting needs but a wide array of other services by vetted and background-checked cleaners. 
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