Have you ever walked into an office space that is exuding some unpleasant odor and that instantly awakens your senses? Doesn’t the stimulation catch you off guard and you just wish to exit the place at that very moment? 
With the office room being the place you spend majority of your time in, it is but natural that an enclosed space becomes prone to unpleasant smells. From an oily lunch to the foul smell emanating from the trash bins, quite a lot of aromas can make your workplace smell bad. 
One major part of commercial cleaning is the way your office smells. Clients, vendors and visitors often visit your office space and the surrounding environment is the first thing that they interact with. If that is not pleasing or attractive enough, the first impression is usually negatively impacted. 
Here’s how you can stay on top of priorities when it comes to ensuring your office smells nice and fresh. 

Open the Windows 

It is but natural that without fresh air and light the internal air inside the office becomes stale and stifling. Fresh air does not only take along the weird and pungent odors circulating around the office but introduces a fresh and healthy zing of air that makes it healthier to breathe in. 
With all the meeting deadlines looming on your head and the different stressors taking a toll on you, a toxic environment can undermine your ability to function properly resulting in reduced productivity. Which is why it is so important to clean your windows regularly and not only lighten up the atmosphere inside the office but also give your office a presentable look. 

Fresh Flowers and Scents 

What could be a better option than adorning the place with beautiful white lilies all the while, exuding such fragrance that the whole room feels and smells like a safe haven. Strategically place fresh flowers on the window sill and let the positive vibes radiate across the room. 
You could even opt for some mild incense, preferably not an over-powering one as everyone has a different taste and some might even be allergic to it. Besides if everyone maintains personal hygiene and uses a deodorant, it automatically aerates the space around them making it breathable for everybody working there. 

Bathroom Hygiene can Save the Day! 

The office cleaning staff should be regularly monitored and supervised to ensure that they are doing their job properly. An unkempt and poorly maintained washroom leads to a foul smell leaking into the rest of the office, which does only makes visitors uncomfortable but also affects the productivity of the employees. The frequency with which your bathroom should be watched depends on the usage but it should definitely top the priority list. 
Scented soaps and oils are an added measure to add to the regular cleaning regime. Besides the routine cleaning, make sure your office bathroom undergoes a thorough deep cleaning that leaves it as good as new. Air fresheners should be sprayed often to diffuse the bad odor that results from frequent usage of the bathroom by too many people. If the employee strength is more, make sure that separate washrooms are available in case the other is occupied. 

Opt for Regular Commercial Cleaning Services 

Keeping the office environment smelling fresh and lively can drastically improve how potential clients and visitors view your commercial space. By ensuring regular commercial cleaning you can take the first step towards a pleasant smelling place. 
Professional cleaners do not only keep your commercial space spick and span but also advise measures to keep the foul smell at bay and how to effectively clean it on a daily basis. They are equipped with the right knowledge and environmental friendly tools that will increase the longevity of your office space. Regularly and evenly spaced commercial cleaning visits also keeps dust and grime at bay. 
However, you need to take care of other aspects as well to ensure that your office space beams with an aroma that creates a pleasing aura around it, making every visitor’s experience a memorable one. 
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