Ensuring cleanliness, hygiene and a proper sanitary environment is an important part of facility management. A clean and well-maintained building automatically stands out and is often the foremost thing that gets noticed by the customer. Your commercial space is a representation of your office culture and values. Presenting yourself in the best possible light will inadvertently lead to brighter business prospects and increased profits. 
Furthermore, the environment that your employees work in has a direct effect on their mental and physical well-being and productivity. As a responsible owner, it is your duty to ensure that they are working in a safe and protected environment. Invest in maintaining the appearance of your office so that it pays off in the long run. Your company’s reputation, credibility and bottom-line results are all dependent on how well you portray yourself. 
Stay on the lookout for these signs that your commercial space might be screaming out loud for you to take notice. Maybe it’s high time you hire a professional cleaning service! 

An Increase in Employee Absenteeism 

Ruling out all other factors that might be taking a toll on your employee’s health, chances are that the work environment is toxic and you need to take a closer look at the hygiene facilities at your office. 
Employees who call in sick too often, without showing any signs of improvement are an indication of the absence of cleanliness in your workplace. Surprisingly more, there is 445 times more bacteria on your work desk than on a toilet seat! If that doesn’t urge you to take up professional cleaning services then I wonder what will. Take control of the situation before it’s too late! 

Productivity Dips 

Productivity is a multi-faceted outcome that is dependent on a combination of factors. Hence, in order to maximize productivity, one of the main prerequisites is to maintain a spotless and clutter-free environment. If your employees’ exhibit lethargy, have a slow response time, are unable to meet deadlines or are often found rummaging through piles of paper, it’s a clear indication that things need to be changed. 
A major part of cleanliness entails getting organized and inculcating self-discipline. If your work-station is a mess and interferes with your thought processes, you need to sort it out. 
Furthermore, make sure that the windows, doors and work desks are routinely cleaned. Professional commercial cleaning services ensure that they use chemical-free cleaning products and work with dedication and commitment to enhance the image of your business. 

Lack of Office Supplies 

Proper restroom hygiene requires careful planning and stocking up of the essential items that help you maintain high standards of cleanliness. Consumable supplies such as the usual soap, toilet paper, hand towels and bathroom cleaners need to be well in stock and proactively monitored to ensure that you don’t run short of them in times of dire need. 
Besides that, if your other office tools and equipment are performing below par, chances are that they are not being taken proper care of. Especially tools like the photocopy machine, the printer or the scanner require maintenance more than usual, they might be catching dust which is reducing efficiency and life. 

Inviting Clients to your Office is a Stressful Situation 

If your office premises do not allow you to openly invite your clients or any relevant people for that matter, you need to carry out an audit of your commercial space. What is it that is hindering you from having people visit your place? Your work environment is a reflection of how you operate as an entity and the last thing you would want is to come off as unprofessional in front of your clients. Invest in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your office to strengthen your image and credibility. 
First impressions are most impactful and generally sets the tone for future dealings. 

Are you reading up on commercial cleaning services lately? There you go! 

If you are reading this article, chances are that your workplace cleanliness is bothering you! We understand that running a business can be overwhelming and taking out time to cater to all the facets of the business is certainly demanding. Outsource your commercial cleaning tasks to a reliable professional cleaning service and see your office space transform into a haven of productivity. 
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