As much as we hate to admit it; summer home cleaning can be a cumbersome task for many of us. Let’s face it, cleaning chores around the house is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us may procrastinate cleaning tasks endlessly while others would want to opt for cleaning shortcuts to make our lives even a tad bit easier. 
Summers are undoubtedly one of the laziest season, as the summer heats starts to take a toll on our energies and all we wish to do, is stay indoors in an air-conditioned room. Wouldn’t you rather hang out by the poolside, have a relaxing day at the beach or just spend the day sipping a chilled beverage rather than fretting over summer home cleaning? 
Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Here are some helpful tips to approach the task of cleaning while in the vacation mode. 

Make the Best of Your Mornings 

Those who start their day early, often feel their day to have a few extra hours to get their summer cleaning chores out of the way. 
We understand, that you might not be a morning person, but the first half of the day is generally cooler. Motivate yourself to get up early, by energizing yourself with a strong cup of a caffeinated drink and be ready to take the world by storm. (Okay, not literally, but you can at least start getting things around you organized). Put on some light-hearted music and get down to doing the most basic chores while grooving to the beats of your favorite lyrics. 

Clean As You Go 

Procrastination can take the better of you, if you do not try to overcome it on a daily basis. Take it by the day and inculcate self-discipline by starting small. One effective way to prevent chaos from prevailing over the house and keep your surroundings tidy is to put things back from where you initially found them. Gotten up to drink a glass of water? Put the dishes away since you’re already up on your feet! 
Tackling chores when you’re up and moving can help you get done with your summer cleaning chores faster. You can start with making your bed, before you get out of it. A well-set bed can give your whole room a cleaner look in seconds. 

Smart Cleaning Around the Kitchen 

Standing in front of the stove in the summer heat, is surely a commendable task. Hence, to make those long agonizing kitchen hours more bearable, it is advisable to follow some quick and sure-fire tips to ensure cleanliness at all times. 
Microwave cleaning just got super easy: Regular and multiple usage of the microwave oven might lead to accumulation of food bacteria over time. 
Simply nuke a bowl of water, by heating two cups of water with ½ a cup of vinegar on full power. Wipe the microwave clean to make it look and smell as good as new. 
Keep a plastic grocery bag handy: Kitchen mess can get out of control, if it not discarded on the go. You wouldn’t want your kitchen counter tops to be all cluttered at the end of your meal cooking spree. 
Simply keep dumping the bits and pieces of trash in a plastic bag tie to a cabinet handle and discard it later, one you’re done. 

Anti-Microbial Doormats to Your Rescue 

If you wish to keep your house spick and span, you could probably invest in something functional and highly lucrative when it comes to keeping dust and grime at bay; an anti-microbial mat. YES! Inventions like this have certainly made our life easier. Placing these mats at strategic locations over the house, such as at home entrances where the footfall is higher can help trap dirt before it enters your home. 
Furthermore, make it a policy to leave your shoes at the door-step and request others to do so too. Here you go! We just reduced the burden off your summer home cleaning tasks! 

Embrace a Minimalistic Lifestyle 

Minimalism can take you a long way in terms of decluttering and living a more content and satisfied life with less on your plate. It goes unsaid that when you believe in the ‘less is more’ philosophy, you naturally tend to detach yourself from things. Having less furniture, crockery, everyday use items and a minimalistic wardrobe, automatically means that there is less clutter which can attract dust and grime. 
Start today and see your summer home cleaning chores disappear into thin air! 

Hire A Professional for Deep Summer Cleaning 

Well, as human beings we all need a break and spend a day or two lazing around. Whether you are a student trying to juggle academic and personal life or a lazy homeowner wanting to get your summer household chores out of the way, you can always rely on professional domestic cleaning services to envision your future clean home. 
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